Liz Fitzgerald


I do improv and solo performance as well as write and direct. I am currently a writing fellow at the Harold Ramis Film School at the Second City and host a podcast called Love/Hate. I believe life is about moments, and that the strongest and most well thought out opinion I’ve ever had is that we should have been rooting for Kristen Cavallari the entire time. The Moment I knew this was when the cast of Laguna Beach went to Cabo and Kristen went after another guy, instead of playing into Stephen’s games. I’m more - MORE - than happy to get into this in person. I am really looking forward to it and please know that my heart is open to hearing your side.



See you then.

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^^ Glad We Could Do This

A short film.

^^ Boss Baby Girl

A piece on rompers and entrepreneurship.

^^ Server in the West Loop

A sketch about small plates and big dreams.