Well hello!

Currently, I'm a film student at the Harold Ramis Film School at the Second City. 

Before starting film school, I worked for Social Deviant, a small social agency in the West Loop of Chicago as a content producer – I love staying close to the work. I also love connecting my agency to partners that help propel the work, so I spent half my time leading a strategic partnerships program, an effort I piloted to connect our internal teams and clients with key partners at social platforms to help drive great strategy and creative. 

I produced work for General Mills (Gushers), MillerCoors (Blue Moon and Leinenkugel's), Cisco, 1-800 Contacts and Health Warrior.

Prior to SOCIALDEVIANT, I worked for Leo Burnett in a content strategy and production role on the agency's communications team, named a finalist for best PR team in 2015. There, I created content to enhance the agency's reputation and worked for clients Allstate and Chicago Ideas Week. To learn more about my professional experience, click here to view my LinkedIn profile

When I'm not at school or working in advertising, I do comedy around the city. I am the co-host of Love / Hate (a podcast with strong opinions on the issues that matter least) and currently perform at iO Chicago.